Jean Oliver brought the topic of Peace Literacy to our November 26th meeting.  She spoke about Peace Literacy and of Paul K. Chappell leaving us all a little more informed and impressed with venture of educating people to be literate the tools and skills of peace. 
Here is Jean’s introduction to the video:  (You can watch it below)
“On Tuesday, November 20, Assistant Governor Marcia, President Sharon, LSSD Superintendent and Rotarian Michele and I were witness to a guest appearance, by Paul K. Chappell. You will recall that part of the funding was covered by some of you will know of Paul...he is a West Point grad and an Iraqi war veteran.  He is the son of a ½ black, ½ white fathers and a Korean mother and grew up in Alabama…just think about that scenario.  He is also the author of road to peace series and I would urge you to read them if you are able...he spoke on Tuesday to approximately 100 students and teachers at the high school on peace literacy...he had students and staff fully engaged as he talked about understanding human needs and the causes of trauma...and why the world is so in need of peace and it can only be done by education.  He said we teach kids to read, to write, and all the necessary things to grow into a well-educated person, but we don’t teach them the skills of peace.
Paul was going to be in Winnipeg for part of the week, so he rearranged his schedule to come in on the middle of the night flight on Monday in order to be with us on Tuesday. The rest of the week he was going to be in the city talking to schools and, meeting with government people. It is our hope that Peace Literacy will one day be a part of the curriculum.  So we were so fortunate that the department of Education, and with the help of Kevin Lopuck, got it organized.  I want to share with you part of an article that Kevin wrote that is going to go in the papers along with Michele and my thoughts on the day.      Video....we have a short video to give you a taste of his quest for peace.”
Rotarian Jean Oliver  
Here is the video we watched that night.  Paul K. Chappell explaining why does the world need Peace Literacy.   
Submitted by Spoke Editor, Hobie Searles