We had another pleasant duty to perform and that was to make a presentation in the amount $3,000.00 to Lucille Erin Director of the Selkirk Day Care Centre. This donation will help in the purchase of a new dishwasher for the Day Care.Image


Attendance was 75%

Sharon tried desperately to rid herself of the 50/50 draw going as far as to hold three draws. Unfortunately the three Rotarians who had their tickets drawn did not cooperate.

Katherine, Bill and Brian failed to find the Ace of Spade so Sharon will have to carry on.

We took the time to pass the hat around and took up a collection for Mary Jane and staff in thanks for looking after us so well this past year.

I thought fitting that I include the farewell speech of again Past President Michele [one L]

As Michele leaves the Presidents position for the 2nd time and she left us with these words.


My year in Review – President’s Final Report





  • The strength of this club is the pillars and foundation. The members that have been a part of this club for many, many years. Your historical knowledge and expertise helps to maintain a strong Rotary Club
  • Several hard working members in the group who always “step up”, and/or invite their partner to “help out”. We are a very hard working group and need to acknowledge and celebrate each other, keeping in mind that our purpose is to work together for the good of Rotary through the service projects that we do.

My first year as President was exciting and thrilling; I certainly felt that I was more knowledgeable going into the second term.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my year as President. I was recently asked by a Rotarian why I did this second term as President. My reply was that “I wanted to”, they
were surprised.

I was also reassured going into the position knowing Lee was going to be following me as President so that we could have many conversations through this year.

What makes the year successful in my eyes is that as a club we began to  look at what we’re doing to see if it’s the best we can do , or is it because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. Yes, something’s are important to keep as traditions, but it does need to “make sense”, even a Mercedes needs a “tune up”.

A year of change:

I’d like to thank the members for embracing change – it was a year of many changes, some small – some large:

  • Tried a club BBQ after the parade (18 came, 7 went swimming)
  • Fish Fry moved to the Malegus household
  • Sign up for the door – you chose when you would be available
  • Having a president who would frequently change the order of the meeting program – just to keep you guessing!
  • President was able to sit by the Fireplace
  • Book sale was forced to move to Community Living, we coped
  • Wine and Roses moved to the Golf Course
  • Lobster fest moved to ice surface – comment on positive
  • What are some of my own highlights in my leadership role, things I did because I was president one “l” Michele

  • Changing the order of the program
  • Needing to know about everything (control?!)
  • Even being deemed the “Easter Bunny”
  • My legacy: The inflatable Rotary sign!
  • Significant events:

  • Loss of four Rotarians, two members who left our club (Alana and Blair) and two members who passed away (Karl and Bob)
  • Opening of the Gaynor Family Regional Library and seeing the Rotary Bridge
  • Lots of press coverage and exposure this year
  • Summer exchange students – Carolyn and Marina – many Rotarians shared experiences with the two girls. I enjoyed taking them to Folklorama.
  • New members-Kathryn Kunkel, Dwight Lysak, Rhonda Grochowski, Leslie McCallum
  • Field trips off site, Learning to square dance at the Gordon Howard, going Christmas caroling at Tudor House
  • Thanks

  • Thank you to all members and partners for your contributions during the year at meetings, events, my many emails and the surveys.
  • To the Board Members, what a great group we had. It was so valuable having Al around the table to bring that historical perspective, without it we’d be floundering.
  • Looking around the table at our Board/Executive meetings there were members who brought different talents and perspectives to our discussions. Thank you to Lesli, Ron Knight, Sharon, Marcia and Ruth for serving as a Director this past year and continuing with leadership roles next.
  • Elaine Elliot served as our Assistant District Governor and would come to several of our director meetings. She was very helpful in bringing in the perspective of the District, or in answering questions.
  • We must specially recognize Ashley. He has poured his heart and soul into this club in the role of secretary. He unselfishly works behind the scenes and has been a main contact for the club for years. Thanks you Ashley for someone who truly emanates service above self
  • Lee,  I’ll get to you in a minute

Going Forward

District 5550 as well as Rotary International has identified that in order to maintain and grow, there will is the need to look at making changes.

As a club, we have great diversity and strength to help our club be vibrant. We do need new members in order to maintain our club and keep it going for years to come.

 Most of you sitting before me have put in many hours and served this club in a leadership role either as president, secretary, treasurer or director.

The challenge before us as a club is to look for ways to attract new members, those from a different generation. The challenge will be to listen to and be open to new ideas if we want to attract and retain. We will all need to take responsibility and ownership of being a club that is inviting and accepting of all.

I’d like to thank each of you for your support in my role as president! You have been amazing to work with. And just so you know, I won’t be running for president for many, many years due to my involvement in several school, divisional, community and provincial committees and boards.

I’m very excited to pass the torch onto Lee as I feel strongly that Lee will be a fantastic president for the club in the coming year. Lee is a hard working, ethical leader who will serve and represent this club well. His mom told me at the District Conference that she is so proud that he is becoming president of the club and knowing his dad; he too is looking on the situation and saying “That’s my boy!”

Lee, please come up – so that we can celebrate you as our new President!!