In choosing The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands as his theme for 2009-20210 RI President John Kenny said each one of us is standing on the shoulders of generations of Rotarians past, and it is our responsibility to determine Rotary's future. 2009-10 RI President John Kenny Kenny has emphasized that every Rotary club is and must be autonomous. He said that everything begins and ends with our clubs. Our clubs can and do work together; they work through their own districts, in cooperation with other clubs and districts, and with the support of our Foundation. At the end of the day, everything that we accomplish is done through the strength of our clubs. And so each club must have autonomy to serve where and how it can serve best.

The future of Rotary will not be shaped at RI headquarters -- it will be shaped in each and every Rotary club, because it is for each of us -- as Rotarians -- to do what is necessary to keep Rotary strong. Editor: Dawes, John