Reflections from students who have experienced the benefits

of the Rotary Club of Selkirk’s support of student programming

The experience I had with the adventure in agriculture through the Rotary finalized my decision to take agriculture at the University of Manitoba. The diversification that I experienced opened my eyes to the many fields offered in agriculture. The consensus belief in agriculture is that you need to come from a farm background. I was not raised on a farm, but I have immersed myself in the agriculture field. I have found this field both challenging and rewarding. Through my experience with Adventures in Agriculture I would highly recommend students attend with the Rotary who have any interests in the field of Agriculture!
  • Ali M
 “Since the election I've been thinking about how lucky I was to go. I was in Ottawa with AIC during the last election, and I've never been with so many open minded young people from a varied background of beliefs. I made great friends and valuable contacts, got to travel by myself for the first time, and learned a lot about Canada. The sessions were really valuable as well, and made me a more well-rounded person in so many ways. Mostly, the value of this trip has grown as I mature, I had no idea how much it would influence me through university and future political events I encounter.
  • Emma D
To me MUNA was the best part of my high school experience, it taught me how to think on my feet in order to continue a debate, as well how I needed to be very thorough in my research into any topic, not just MUNA. MUNA also gives us recognition within the community of being ambassadors for the future and a better world, one day as I was at work a stranger came up to me and asked if I had attended MUNA the past couple years, when I said that I did he shook my hand and told me that I was an excellent speaker and that both me and my community should be proud of what we do. This is why MUNA is important: it is not just about sitting in a room talking about resolutions that will never come to pass, it’s about the connections that we make with people both our own age and other ages as we are all able to talk and discuss topics that affect us all. It also looks good on the community to send youth, who often are regarded as the lowest of the low in today’s society, to these events so that people become interested in politics and world issues so that they become a voice in this world.
  • Matthew S
(MUNA was) Just a great learning experience, an opportunity for public speaking, and enhanced further learning and interest in subject. It allows you to see things you learn in classroom in action.
  • Ryan R
I think that the adventure programs are super important because they give students a chance to travel and make connections with like-minded people from around the country, who remain your friends even after the program has finished. They also give students the chance to develop their knowledge and interest in particular areas. I know for me, going on the adventures in Ag trip reinforced my current career path, and made me decide to pursue my studies through the faculty of agriculture as opposed to the faculty of science.
  • Sabrina K
MUNA was a really excellent program that helped me develop into a more confident student. It was a chance to develop my public speaking skills and gain confidence in my own abilities as a speaker. Furthermore, I was a student who often didn't feel challenged enough in school, and sometimes felt bored and uninvolved. MUNA gave me the opportunity to face a challenge, think on my feet and expand my knowledge of world issues. By making me represent a country I had never even heard of before (Eritrea), it made me realize just how big the world was, and how little I knew about it. I began to read the news and now as an adult make an active effort to be aware of the world around me. I believe that this inspired awareness has made me a more positive member of not only my community but society as a whole.
  • Meagan A
Model United Nations (MUNA) gave me the opportunity to build skills in leadership, compromise, and public speaking. Thanks to MUNA I was able to improve all of these skills and it helped open up many new doors. I am now a leader, changing my career focus into business and project management. I can thank MUNA for giving me the opportunity to try something new and create a passion!
  • Kara T
I wasn't completely sure if farming was the path I wanted to take but after that trip it did open my eyes to all of the possibilities of different agricultural jobs and opportunities there were and made me think more and more about going to university for agriculture which is what I'm doing now.
  • Kevin M
Model United Nations gave me exposure to different ideas and gave me the opportunity to put my love of politics to use.  It was one of best experiences that I had in high school and I was able to apply to both my undergraduate and master’s degrees.
  • Mathieu B