History of Selkirk's Exchange Students

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1978-79, Alma Rosa Perez from Mexico.

1979-80, Ferando Stocco from Brasil; Lance Laufer went to Brasil.

1983-84, Matoko Kemnotsu from Japan and Achim Bagchi from Germany; Darren Hallett went to New Zealand and Bernadette Preun went to Germany.

1984-85, Reggio Dela Cluz from the Philippines; Suzanne Morrison went to Australia and Kara Kellough went to the Philippines.

1985-86, Gustav Astrom from Sweden; Trish Clark went to Australia, Marnie Chic and Pam Stewart went to Brasil.

1986-87, Franciso Tozzi from Brasil and Niena Havu from Finland; Wendy Federowich went to South Africa and Kim Howland went to Australia.

1987-88, Sonya Thompson from South Africa and Francoise Servais from Belgium; Jill Curtis went to Germany and Eileen Preun went to Argentina.

1988-89, Carlos Nanami from Brasil and Ana Maria Quintanilla from Mexico; Jaclyn Osterman went to Argentina and Laurene Reid went to South Africa.

1989-90, Campbell Gordon from New Zealand and Ann Kwiatkoski went to South Africa.

1990-91, Penny Davis from Australia and Joanne Goust from France; Dave Ross went to Mexico and Sarah Koch-Schulte went to Germany.

1991-92, Berni Cooper from South Africa and Christina Eriksson from Sweden; Niki Jenkins went to Netherlands and Tanya Zubatiuk went to the Philippines.

1992-93, Yousuke Adachi from Japan and Carolina Raffo from Argentina; Tara-Lee Hnatiuk went to New Zealand and Susie Kowalchuk went to Mexico.

1993-94, Zoe Dunlop from Australia, Albalu Trevino from Mexico and Mzamo Vilakazi from South Africa; Nancy Shymkiw went to Brasil and Jamie Sinclair went to South Africa.

1994-95, Stephanie Brun from France and Fiona Sterling from Australia; Lief Hutton went to Finland and Janesca Smith to Mexico.

1995-96, Jaana Parttimaa from Finland and Emilia Marchio from Argentina; Candace Russell went ot Mexico and Corey Toews to Finland.

1996-97, Signe Danielsson from Sweden and Larissa Trevison from Brasil; Mary Jane Benjamin went to South Africa and Kelly Sevinson to Mexico.

1997-98, Emily Pere from France; Nicole Vickers went to Argentina.

1998-99, Lars Konig from Germany; Alex Smith-Windsor went to Japan and Thersa Vandean to Brazil.

1999-2000, Vanessa Cabral from Brasil; Aaron Martyniw went to Argentina and Xenia Wiens to France.

2000-01, Svenja Wichmann from Germany; Margan Harris went to Brazil and Anne Smith-Windsor to Venezuela.

2001-02, Janne Suoknuuti from Finland; Marco Bebak went to Germany.

2002-03, Viridianna Vargas from Mexico; Kelli Friesen went to France and Kerri Roland to Brazil.